The chance to live in France? Who could say no! 12 years ago opportunity came knocking and our family packed home and bags and started a new life in a small French village.

I left a design business behind but my passion for houses and antiques traveled with me. There was a brand new vocabulary to explore: Brocante, Antiquaire, Deballage, Vide Grenier, Puces….
The love of old things got me up before dawn to have the first picks at dealers-only markets, and sent me on cross country searches for a rumored new source.

My treasure hunting ways became a family business and Chine Antiques1 was born. Containers were shipped and trucks were loaded. We set up and tore down at antique fairs as far north as Sun Valley and south to Marburger Texas. I call them the ‘carny’ years, our life in the carnival, always a new town, always a new customer.

When we weren’t on the road in the US, we were home in France, buying, repairing and photographing the treasures we’d found. We were the adoption agency charged with finding a new loving guardian. Clients became like family waiting for their new little ones to arrive. I’m grateful to each and every one of them for the warm reception.

Eventually the road became too long and time away from home too hard. While I’m sure we’ll meet again at an antique show in the future, until then we can be found turning a little house into a dream home, here, in a village in Provence.


This story could end there but these kind of stories never really end do they? The antique treasures are still singing their siren’s song and the chineur in me lives on, so I hope you’ll join me here as I share stories about the antique and vintage treasures I find, the antique markets I visit and other meanderings along the way. My online shop is your chance to join in the fun. “Why Two Maisons?” you ask. You can read about it here.

  1. In French to chine is to hunt for antiques and if that’s your hobby (or addiction) you are called a chineur

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