Finding Our Tribe(s)

April 25th, 2011 comments 6

I’m still relatively new to the blogging world (despite my absence for the last several months). My first post as a blogger was a little over a year ago. Not the quickest girl to the party… In my defense, I’ve lived in a SLOW country. Life, love, food, and the internet are SLOWer in my corner of Provence.

My daughter first introduced me to blogging through her own amazing blogs and then to one of her favorites Superhero Journal. I found and still find incredible wisdom and honesty in Andrea’s words. Through Andrea I was introduced to Brené’s (Extra)Ordinary Courage. A healing place to go and grow. I admire that both women and their sites are out there trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. I blurked for a while. I soaked up the love but I never left a comment. I don’t know why, I guess I didn’t think it would matter. I see differently now.

As I discovered more blogs I read about everything from peak oil to creating my own indigo dyes. Around the time I started my own blog adventure I plugged into a small eddy of design related gems. It was there that I began to find my tribe. Each day offered new food for my visual soul. One of my first discoveries was LeAnn’s beautiful blog Linen & Lavender. Through her images I saw a shared vision and she generously offered to introduce me to her readers. James at Garvinweasel kindly did the same and Greet of Belgian Pearls was always there with a generous word. From there one link led to another.

For many of us our daily blog visits are as treasured as a morning chat with a friend. Technologically speaking the medium may be impersonal but I think it’s anything but! The highly personal view that each blogger brings to a collection of visual images or a well crafted story offers a window into their creative soul and permits us to get to know that unique individual in ways that having a conversation alone cannot.

When my kids were in their elementary years I met mom’s of other young kids at school. Most often the only thing we had in common was a Saturday morning rendezvous on the soccer field. Being a creative type, my basement home studio didn’t facilitate introductions to like minded individuals. Finding friends that share similar interests, visions and ideas isn’t often geographically possible.

The blogging world removes those geographic obstacles and it doesn’t limit us. Thanks to blogs I can easily satisfy my design cravings as well as explore the world of fellow sculptors. Next up TED, then my inner foodie comes calling. At another moment I’m off to visit the math geeks and a few heavy thinkers (Dr. Bartlett’s thoughts on the exponential equation are a personal favorite). All of the random musings of a personality can be entertained with the click of a mouse. It’s a giant smorgasboard and we’re encouraged to sample at whim. Talk about personal choice! I think it’s fantastic.

Not to mention the taste tests… Think you might like writing computer code? Check out a blog or two and see if it rings true. Extreme sports? There’s another world out there. The blogosphere allows us to explore our interests, live vicariously, experiment, and learn in ways that might not otherwise be possible.

We’ve all heard the phrase “grow where you’re planted”. How fortunate we are to be planted in the middle of this time of internet magic. Blogging as I’ve experienced it is all about the sharing of information, ideas and self; finding our tribes and building communities through the relationships we develop and the respect we show for other people and their points of view.

But blogging takes time. And for me that’s been in short supply this last 6 months. I’m hoping that another detour leads me back this way again soon, but until then, I want to thank all of the creative and generous bloggers that I’ve shared cyberspace with and I want to send my heartfelt gratitude to the lovely readers who have chosen to share their time, encouragement and thoughts with me.

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  • LeAnn says:

    Hello, Susan.

    It has been awhile since we’ve communicated. What a lovely surprise to find this post with your kind and generous words. Thank you so much.

    I so enjoy your writing style and I always find shared interests and perspectives with you, as you have written about so eloquently in this post.

    I hope all is well with you and your family.
    I send you a big hug and all my best from California!

    Take care,

  • Jacquelyn says:

    What a wonderful surprise to find these lovely images and your inspiring words. I have your blog bookmarked, and check on it to see if you’re back to blogging…what a joy to read your thoughtful words, words many women can relate to…I encourage to continue when you can.

    May your week be filled with joy.


  • susan, what a beautiful piece you have written. and how wonderful it is to see you return. hope you have been well. I have thought of you and your family often. I love the phrase ‘tribe’ as you have used it. it’s a beautiful thought and I do so agree that it is so validating to find like-minded folks via blogging.

    all my best to you, donna

    • Susan says:

      Hi Donna, so nice to hear from you and thanks for your thoughtful comments. xxSusan

  • Sue says:

    Dear Susan,
    As an American living in an isolated corner of Provence, I truly relate to this post. I have indeed found my “tribe” in many bloggers, mostly artists and painters. Your blog fascinates and inspires me. It has a poetic quality. It is rare to find such beautiful things, presented in such an artful way, accompanied by such intelligent and literary writing. Sometimes I feel guilty for all the time I spend with my computer friends, but this post from one of my favorite blogs comforts me and I thought you might enjoy:
    Hope to meet you one of these days in Provence,

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